Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ask Paulina Girls

Paulina is probably the most active real celeb, next to Milly and Becky. But Paulina has a fab club, Askpaulinagirls. I love the club! Tons of helpful, sweet people can help you with your problems. A lot of fights happen in that club, that is for sure, but most of them end in an apology and the two girls that were fighting turn into friends. I put up a discussion and Paulina herself gave me great advice. It felt so great for a busy celebrity to answer you question! Paulina is so sweet and really puts a lot of thought and effort for this club and for you and me. Paulina chooses new managers very carefully. She wants people that can really make the club a better place. The club is full of helpful people that will give you great advice minutes after you make a post. If you need great advice and quick be sure to check out askpaulinagirls!
By: Tayluvspups12

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