Wednesday, April 8, 2009

DKNY, too expensive?

I love love love LOVE DKNY on stardoll. Now that we have the new spring DKNY, It's become very expensive. One dress for 16 stardollars! It used to be only around 8 or 9 stardollars. I also don't think it is fair for only the Superstars to get it either, Non-superstars should get it too! Maybe not all of it but some of it! Even a limited edition shirt! Also the free DKNY for the first hour it's out is a good idea too. I know they have done that before, and they should do it again! DKNY may not be too expensive to some people but I spend my fifty stardollars a week in about three days. Personally I think DKNY is too expensive, but what do you think?

By: Tayluvspups12

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  1. ikr its so stupid stardoll's raising the price of almost everything