Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Recycled Look.......

Totally hawt, & totally in right now with the whole going green thing :) It's a new trend that I discovered accidently! So here is what it looks like with an.. office max bag lol

Cool huh? It's simple..... in 5 easy steps (takes less than 1 minute to make if you know what you're doing)
1.find a size bag that will fit you (I know it sounds weird)
2. Cut off the the bottom edge of the bag
3. Stretch the plastic bag out a bit, they stretch fairly easy to make a little longer
4. put your arms through the handles, and wear a cami underneath (otherwise that would be gross)
5. It is a cheap & easy "shirt" great for the economic times, plus it is unique and styles, and wallah you have it! It also puts a new meaning to "recycling"

By: hugsxnxkisses

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