Sunday, April 12, 2009


Fellow stardoll members...... this is for everyone! I know that you probably have some side-account that you never use, and want to get rid of, but don't know who to give it to.... that is what the company Doll_adoption is for.

Contact the account Doll_adoption on if you would like to donate a doll, that you would like to be given to somebody that would actually use the account.

Want to "adopt" or get an account? First you search through Doll_adoption's presentation (there is the list of dolls currently available to adopt there) & then message/add (don't post in guestbook, as then everybody out there can read the pass) doll_adoption with the name of the account you want.

It's as simple as that. :) In fact, some of the accounts I give away in our lovely club have come through there, Doll_adoption is a proud sponser of our club, THANKS!

♥Hugsxnxkisses wrote this :)

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  1. Hey, im sdmg0597 from stardoll!
    i never heard of this before thanks!
    ill check it out! xxxx :D