Monday, July 12, 2010

Club Updates :)

Seeing as this blog is linked with the club, The.Magazine, here are some updates.

-We are currently having a next top model contest. The winner will not only get one of their sceneries from the contest on the home page of the club, but they will also recieve an article about them in here. They will be winning the Model of the Month! :) And they will recieve a gift from me :)

-Some time in august I hope to give somebody free superstar..... yes it will probably be some lame inviting contest, but we do always need more members to keep us active, fun, and fresh! I can only pay by mobile phone so the winner would have to allow me axcess to their account. I swear I don't hack! It is expensive so I can only afford to pay for one month of superstar. Sorry if that is also a disappointment.

- I need new management, or at least to know old managers are still active on stardoll. Lately there hasn't been much participation, but I want to bring this club back up to what it used to be! I don't know if anybody remembers but we used to have over 600 members, then it gradually decreased down to 400, with the vast majority not being very active. Help bring us back!

-Make lots of topics often, and I may see this and reward you. If you post in lots of topics and are very active in the club, I may decide to send you a gift or buy from your starbazaar. :)

-One more note, I am looking for people to help me start up this blog/magazine again for the club. If you are interested please reply to the topic I will be making in the club soon. :)

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