Thursday, July 22, 2010

Free monster high blazer, Written by Sdmg0597

-If you are from USA just go to :

-If you aren't from the USA go to
then type in the search bar :
And click search or go or press enter on the keyboard

-Log in there and wait for the page to load , and then go to normal stardoll and log in.

You will have the blazer in your suite.

I think the blazers really cute!
I have it in my wardrobe if you want to see what it looks like!

-sdmg0597 (shannon)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010



Of course, the to die for original Ray-Ban Aviators range around $140!! That's a lot. I own the original shades, but if ur tight on cash where can you buy them cheap?

Actually, you can buy em at Claire's real cheap, my bff, Liz got them for i think $11 on sale

Where else can they be found?

On ebay and bluefly . com they can sell for 111 (the originals) but mockery shades that look similar can be bought from 11-20 dollars at Kohl's and gogglesandglasses . com Try shopping around online or at the mall for a quick sale

Other online sources include

and many more online retailors


***These are not the boys involved in the story :)

Hilarious and embarrassing...
So these boys were playing teatherball and the ball hit one of the boys in the special place and he said "pay no attention to the boy that just turned into a girl" it was so funny but then after that the other boy who was playing was trying to impress me and my bff and he hit himself in the face trying to serve the ball very tough like and hard.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Free Gold Swimsuit and Poster

If you are from poland click here

If you aren't follow these steps
  1. Go to a polish proxy such as:
  2. Copy and paste this link into the URL box -
  3. Hit enter then sign into Stardoll
  4. Then change the link in the URL box to -
  5. Press ' Go' and wait for the page to load
  6. Exit out of the proxy
When you normally sign into Stardoll these should be in your suite!

-Kendelle / Krazy_Kendelle

Friday, July 16, 2010

Morgan again!!

I`m taking makeup tutorials for stardoll on request. Just ask and I`ll get to them as soon as I can!! :D
BTW: My username is: Demi_Fan1998

Hey!! It`s a new writer, Morgan, with summer makeup tips! :D


It`s summer!! Time for your makeup to be fun, fresh, and cool!! For my face, I use Covergirl`s Clean Powder in Medium Light Dark. (Weird name right!?). Anyway, when I use it, I don`t sweat it off. Ever!! I also use Colossal mascara and Covergirl eyeshadow in Mauveberry.


So, a lot of you probably want to know how to do a smokey eye. Well, this is how I do it. Put 4 coats of brown or black eyeshadow in an oval shape going slightly up starting at the middle of the eye. Then put 1 coat of white eyeshadow going down from where the brown/black ended. Then put 3-4 coats of white by the tear duct. Finish off with black eyeliner in the outer part of your eye and white in the inner corner. Finally put black mascara on. :D The tutourial is the picture shown above.

New Cheats Writer & Spoilers

I'm Kendelle (Stardoll account : Krazy_Kendelle) and I was hired to find you cheats, free stuff and spoilers!! Hope you enjoy my posts!



What you think?
*Click to enlarge*

-Kendelle xx

Hi There everyone!

Welcome back to Fashion Amour(:
It's been a long time since the last time we posted. Over a year actually! Recently Haley and I decided that we wanted to start working on the magazine again. We are going to make it bigger and better than ever before! Together we are working on finding the best writers on stardoll, to make this blog the best it can possibly be! So I want to thank all of you for reading this and the magazine! Don't forget to follow us! (:


Monday, July 12, 2010

Club Updates :)

Seeing as this blog is linked with the club, The.Magazine, here are some updates.

-We are currently having a next top model contest. The winner will not only get one of their sceneries from the contest on the home page of the club, but they will also recieve an article about them in here. They will be winning the Model of the Month! :) And they will recieve a gift from me :)

-Some time in august I hope to give somebody free superstar..... yes it will probably be some lame inviting contest, but we do always need more members to keep us active, fun, and fresh! I can only pay by mobile phone so the winner would have to allow me axcess to their account. I swear I don't hack! It is expensive so I can only afford to pay for one month of superstar. Sorry if that is also a disappointment.

- I need new management, or at least to know old managers are still active on stardoll. Lately there hasn't been much participation, but I want to bring this club back up to what it used to be! I don't know if anybody remembers but we used to have over 600 members, then it gradually decreased down to 400, with the vast majority not being very active. Help bring us back!

-Make lots of topics often, and I may see this and reward you. If you post in lots of topics and are very active in the club, I may decide to send you a gift or buy from your starbazaar. :)

-One more note, I am looking for people to help me start up this blog/magazine again for the club. If you are interested please reply to the topic I will be making in the club soon. :)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Want to Help??

Then either message hugsxnxkisses or tayluvspups12 and request what you would like.... or email us both at
We also would love advertisement, thanks so much! Oh, and be sure to bookmark us to view the new magazine issues as they come out! TTFN!

Article by Smile.Juicy

my first entry
whor u? I mean who r u wearing?
its true a girl is just as hot as the shoes she shoes as lady gaga would say. is there some girl spreading rumors about you? Grab those manalos and text your friends. Dobt't forget they need to bring their michael kors slingbacks. before attacking the evil one, put yourself in her shoes does she need some new stilletos?, maybe that mascara is just clumping up. Check the weather her can be frizzing make her friz on u.
kepp the style the way u walk and talk
can really make someone bust a heel
in my juicy shoes

Article by: Smile.Juicy

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


In the month of April, on the 28th, for some reason the # one popular club on Stardoll, animal-lovers was deleted. There are many theories on why it closed, but now the old one is closed. The most reoccurring one, and the one I believe is true is that the owner got deleted and so therefore the club did too. or other people say that it was because of all the pervy topics that were being made in it. Obviously, it will be missed, and so somebody decided to make a new Animal-lovers. I joined, but it isn't quite the same as the old one. It needs more members to bring back the excitement with all the people posting. SO JOIN IT NOW! :) I loved animal-lovers and I'm sure this one will end up being just as cool if it gets enough members.

:l ♥ Article by: Hugsxnxkisses

Friday, April 24, 2009



We know you have had those moments too! Don't be shy, share them by messaging our email,
(Write confidential if you want your username or a name to be left out)

Googleput's DREAM Vacation

Where is it: France
How would you get there: Airplane
Where would you stay there: Castle(hotel)
Tourist attractions: Eiffel tower
Total cost of the trip: 5,678
A budget trip that you think would be similar: Italy, England, Hawaii

Article and contest created by: Hugsxnxkisses

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stardoll Modeling

I love modeling on stardoll. I started out my seeing someone talking bout MelsModles I decided to join to check it out. I discovered beautiful sceneries that made the medolls look like that were making a pose. I tried to do it but failed, I kept practicing and soon I figured it out. I saw a discussion at MelsModels advertising about a new modeling club called LNTM.xx I tried out and got in. I was soo excited, even though I didn't even know what the NTM meant (Next top model) Soon I really got good at what I did. Right now I am MNTM, a very famous modeling club and have been in the top 3 in the first challenge, and I won the second challenge. These modeling clubs have inspired me to have my own modeling club. It's called TNTM for Taylor's next top model. I hope that one day it will be a popular as MelsModels. It take a very long time to get used to the poses and mine still are not that great. I still practice a lot, to make my sceneries perfect. Next time you are bored on stardoll, check out MelsModels, MNTM, LNTM.xx, or TNTM and get some inspiration on some great sceneries. Just remember practice makes perfect! Keep your patience too!
By: Tayluvspups12

Ask Paulina Girls

Paulina is probably the most active real celeb, next to Milly and Becky. But Paulina has a fab club, Askpaulinagirls. I love the club! Tons of helpful, sweet people can help you with your problems. A lot of fights happen in that club, that is for sure, but most of them end in an apology and the two girls that were fighting turn into friends. I put up a discussion and Paulina herself gave me great advice. It felt so great for a busy celebrity to answer you question! Paulina is so sweet and really puts a lot of thought and effort for this club and for you and me. Paulina chooses new managers very carefully. She wants people that can really make the club a better place. The club is full of helpful people that will give you great advice minutes after you make a post. If you need great advice and quick be sure to check out askpaulinagirls!
By: Tayluvspups12

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Stardoll username:Mz-chrisbrown12
Favorite color:blue
Favorite store in real life:American eagle
Favorite stardoll store: Rio
Fashion Idol (in real life): Hilary Duff
What inspires your fashion? every thing from the outdoors to outer space I usally like to stick with blues and greens
& finally,what makes you unique? well i kinda hve a sporty look, and i love animals so i sometimes wear stuff with animals. My friends say I am always up for a good talk, and if somebody needs somebody for a sports team, they should call me. (lol)

Made by the model herself, Mz-chrisbrown12, entered by hugsxnxkisses ♥


Fellow stardoll members...... this is for everyone! I know that you probably have some side-account that you never use, and want to get rid of, but don't know who to give it to.... that is what the company Doll_adoption is for.

Contact the account Doll_adoption on if you would like to donate a doll, that you would like to be given to somebody that would actually use the account.

Want to "adopt" or get an account? First you search through Doll_adoption's presentation (there is the list of dolls currently available to adopt there) & then message/add (don't post in guestbook, as then everybody out there can read the pass) doll_adoption with the name of the account you want.

It's as simple as that. :) In fact, some of the accounts I give away in our lovely club have come through there, Doll_adoption is a proud sponser of our club, THANKS!

♥Hugsxnxkisses wrote this :)

What's in... NAIL WISE!

What is way cool right now for fingernails? Of course, it's bright nail polish! Constantly I am seeing people starting to wear a different color of bright nail polish on each nail! (I'm wearing it right now too in fact!) & it looks very summery, very girly, and very stylish. Oh, and You-nique! (I know that's not how it's spelled. lol I'm not as dumb as I may seem......) Anyways, want to know what else is in? With the economy everybody is no longer going to salons, and instead doing their nails at home. So whatcha gotta do?? People still want it easy to put designs on their nails, and so, Sally Hansen came out with this totally awesome nail art pen that makes it super easy to do designs on your nails!.... it costs for like 7-9 dollars (depending where you buy it from) & it may seem like a lot to some of you people, but believe me, it is totally worth it! It's just like writing with a normal pen, just on your nails...... WAY COOL & ALL THE RAGE! duhh. (just had to throw that bit in there)
Love you guys TTFN

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Latest Stardoll Gossip

Here is the scoop. In club the.magazine they have crowned kewlchickx as the easter bunny. Hacker19 admitted she was 100 percent hacker. Heard of ashley_marc_ james? add her and she crushes your overdrive. I have also heard about hot_toms liking for calliestardoll. See you next time on the latest stardoll gossip!
By: Lowbug

The Hannah Montana Movie Review

My two best friends and I decided to be nerds and see the Hannah Montana movie. It was a lot better than I thought it would be. Some parts make me laugh, some made me cry (Yes, I know a fifteen year old crying about a little kid movie is lame-o but some parts were very touching.) The movie was a lot deeper then I thought, it had a good moral. Miley's love interest was super hot. I was jealous! Billy ray even got a girlfriend in the movie! The movie was full of stars including, Taylor Swift, Rascal Flats, and Tyra Banks. I really thought it was a great movie. Be sure to go to your local movie theater and go see it, you won't be disapponted!
By: Tayluvspups12

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Hotbuys

I am in love with the new spring hotbuys! The last few hotbuys I haven't really been my style so I didn't really like them. The Darling top is so simple yet cute. How cute is the heart skirt? The shoes are gorgeous. I love the bow bag too, it's so beautiful and will go with almost any outfit. Be sure to pick up your 2009 spring hotbuys they will be worth a lot in the future!
By: Tayluvspups12

Dot vs. Sephora

A lot of people are in an argument, what is better, Dot or Sephora? I will list a few pros and con with both.


1.) Bright colors
2.) Easier to use
3.) Color variety

1.) Cheaper
2.) Classy
3.) Natural colors


1.) Too expensive
2.) Colors are too outrageous
3.) Colors are too bright

1.) Hard to put on
2.) Small selection
3.) Not very colorful

Those are my pros and cons with the two makeup stores, what one do you like the best?

By: Tayluvspups12

Dot Or Sephora???

Superstar Membership

Personally, I don't think I would be able to live without my superstar member ship. I think stardoll should let you first month be superstar for free. Maybe if people tried it they would see that they can't live without it! :] With superstar you can buy whatever you want, and have the stardollars to buy it! It definitely makes stardoll eaisier and more fun. In this economy many people can't afford to buy superstar. Stardoll should bring down the price a dollar to two, then a lot more people would buy superstar. I want lots more people to have the experience of being a superstar.

By: Tayluvspups12 ♥

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

DKNY, too expensive?

I love love love LOVE DKNY on stardoll. Now that we have the new spring DKNY, It's become very expensive. One dress for 16 stardollars! It used to be only around 8 or 9 stardollars. I also don't think it is fair for only the Superstars to get it either, Non-superstars should get it too! Maybe not all of it but some of it! Even a limited edition shirt! Also the free DKNY for the first hour it's out is a good idea too. I know they have done that before, and they should do it again! DKNY may not be too expensive to some people but I spend my fifty stardollars a week in about three days. Personally I think DKNY is too expensive, but what do you think?

By: Tayluvspups12

Recycled Look.......

Totally hawt, & totally in right now with the whole going green thing :) It's a new trend that I discovered accidently! So here is what it looks like with an.. office max bag lol

Cool huh? It's simple..... in 5 easy steps (takes less than 1 minute to make if you know what you're doing)
1.find a size bag that will fit you (I know it sounds weird)
2. Cut off the the bottom edge of the bag
3. Stretch the plastic bag out a bit, they stretch fairly easy to make a little longer
4. put your arms through the handles, and wear a cami underneath (otherwise that would be gross)
5. It is a cheap & easy "shirt" great for the economic times, plus it is unique and styles, and wallah you have it! It also puts a new meaning to "recycling"

By: hugsxnxkisses

Wavy Hair

Both you and I know pin straight hair is in right now, but another trend is sweeping the world, waves. Waves are just as easy to do as straightening. You can french braid you hair when it's damp, that will give you hair a break from the scorching flat-irons. Scrunching wet hair works just as good too. There are even ways to wave you hair with you flat-iron. Waves looks classy yet fun. They are perfect with a loose-fitted top and shorts, for the spring and summer. Dress up you waves with some chandelier earrings. Even try a skinny headband in you fave color to put in your hair. Put you own fair on your hair to make it your own!

ArticleBy: Taylor (Tayluvspups12)

(some inspiration)

Hey from Hugsxnxkisses & Tayluvspups

Welcome to Fashion Amour Magazine. I am hugsxnxkisses, one of the co-founders of the mag with tayluvspups. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to wright this beautiful intro to our currently new magazine. Where shall I begin?

Hm.... I suppose I'll start by saying in case you don't know this already, that this is through's club that I own, The.Magazine :) Yup, that is where this lovely magazine orriginates from, so if you aren't a member yet, you should TOTALLY join. We decided to make Fashion Amour on April 8, 2008. (Today, as I am writing this lol)

Now.... I would like to introduce you to us so here you go.....

Hugsxnxkisses: (me, the one that is writiting this)
Name- Haley
Favorite color- lime green
Favorite food- like many people it's pizza (but cheese, I'm vegetarian)
Favorite sport- I am a huge fan of track and field, I love it!!

Tayluvspups: (my co-founder, not typing this, but playing a HUGE role in this)
Name- Taylor
Favorite color- Pink
Favorite food- Chocolate
Favorite sport- Cheerleading

What else do you want to know? Or have any questions? Maybe want to work with/for us, feel free to message in questions for us at our combined email,